Abu Dhabi is the economic as well as the cultural capital of the United Arab Emirates. This place has a vast cultural and historical importance in the history of the UAE. The ‘City of Culture’ is situated 150 kilometers from Dubai. The drive is an amazing 1.5 hr road trip that offers some spectacular views of the landscape between the cities.  Abu Dhabi is very popular among visitors who have a keen interest in ancient culture and heritage. The city has a lot of historical landmarks as well as some exquisite fossil rocks that will astonish you. Through very rich in culture, the city has developed very rapidly in recent years, meaning it offers a lot of modern marvels too.

What Funtours offers you in Abu Dhabi city tour from Dubai?

Funtours is a British managed company that offers quality touring services.  We have run Abu Dhabi city tours from Dubai for many years and have a reputation for high quality customer service and safety. Our company has the best staff and equipment to make the touring experience more fun, comfortable and safe for our visitors. The vehicles used for tours are luxurious, fully insured and equipped with all the required safety measures. The drivers are also very skilled and experienced. Funtours staff are fully trained and have a very good command of English.  Funtours offers you an amazing opportunity to explore the unique blend of the modern and historic that the city is known for, along with a lot of fun and excitement along the way. The 150 km ride takes about 1.5 hours, which you will enjoy in the comfort of our exclusive luxury vehicles. This is a world-class tour full of fun and thrills but is also very safe for our valued visitors.

Funtours offers complete customer satisfaction in all our tours. As evidence of this fact, it has been ranked as the best touring company in UAE by Trip Advisor. Funtours has also been awarded as the best tour operator for the year 2012 and 2013.


Exclusive tours and places in Abu Dhabi city tour from Dubai include:

  1. Liwa Desert Safari:

Explore the wide Liwa Desert, which is one of the world’s premier deserts. This Desert is well known for its red sand dunes that reach heights of up to 300 metres. A variety of adventure activities are available here, as well as some exclusive historical landmarks.

  1. Ferrari World:
    The Ferrari World adventure park offers a number of different rides, all of which will thrill and excite you. This is a must-see destination for those who love cars, car-racing and adventure.
  2. Emirate Palace and Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque:
    The Emirate Palace is an amazingly piece of architecture. Built with world class facilities for exclusive guests from around the globe, this is a must see for those who love interesting architecture. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a great place to get acquainted with historical art and traditional Arabic carvings.
  3. Yas Water World:
    This adventurous Water Park offers a range of thrilling rides for all age groups. This is the best place to hang out with friends and family members for an action-packed day full of fun.
  4. Abu Dhabi Desert Safari:
    Enjoy the thrills and fun of a trip into the wide open desert of Abu Dhabi. Feel the essence of the Arabian Desert and take part in some exclusive traditional activities.

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