Hatta Mountain Trek

Hatta Mountain Trek is the perfect tour to escape the hustle and bustle of the city of Dubai tours. The Hajjar Mountains are the pride of Dubai tours, The village of Hatta is one of the best places to visit with Funtours Dubai.

Funtours Hatta Mountain Trek is another thrilling experience. This tour combines history, culture and adventure.

Funtours Hatta Mountain Trek gives you the chance to cross the Emirates of the UAE. You will get to enjoy great scenery deep in the heart of the Hajjar Mountains ! The rocky terrain of Hatta and you will be able to swim in the Hatta pools. After navigating your way through the wadis (ancient dried up riverbeds), we will stop to take photos of the Hajjar Mountains the highest mountain range in the eastern Arabian Peninsula. We will also visit the wonderfully restored Hatta Heritage Village. On our return, we stop at the Hatta Fort Hotel for lunch. Then continue back to Dubai passing the street markets that sell Carpets and locally made pottery.

Itinerary of Hatta Mountain Trek with Funtours:

  1. Pick-up time:

    8-8:30am (Approximate)

  2. Pick-up point:

    Within Dubai and Sharjah only

  3. Details of Trip:

    Hajjar Mountains
    Hatta Heritage Village
    Hatta Wadis

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