Yellow Boat


Whether you have a need for speed, a genuine love for the region’s water wonders or simply an occasion that needs to be celebrated, The Yellow Boats deliver in style.

Funtours will organise your trip on a top-of-the-line craft, with the ability to slice through the waters at high speed in virtually any weather in total safety.

The Yellow Boats are geared towards satisfying both corporate excursions as well as family and social engagements where the onus is on having fun!


Itinerary of Yellow Boat with Funtours:

  1. Pick-up time:

    Various Timings in the morning and afternoon

  2. Pick-up point:

    Marina Walk

  3. Details of Trip:

    Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab and Marina Tour (90 minutes)
    Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab Tour (75 minutes)
    Dubai Marina Tour (30 minutes)
    Dubai Ultimate Thrill Ride (30 minutes)

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